The Sporty Team - SuperCRM Member Management

​​​​​​​Finally, a member management system that truly meets the needs of sport.


Everyone and everything in one place

​​​​​​​SuperCRM Member Manager provides a 360° view of your members and stakeholders over the life of their association with your organisation.

It lets you keep all contacts, notes and information in one place, providing a 'single source of truth'.

Key Features

Fully cloud based and secure

Clean grid view of all affiliated people and organisations (per NSO, RSO, Centre, Club or School).

Apply unlimited tags to create groups and sub-groups of people or organisations.

Customisable fields, allowing you to see the data you want at a glance.

Each person has a unique ID number for life.

Filter any grid view to see a subset of records, such as by season, role, ethnicity, grade, or other attributes.

Communicate with any subset or group with just one click to send group emails or eNewsletters.

Integrated with PhotoCard Digital IDs. 

Customisable reports with one-click export to Excel

Multiple secure login access for your association or club to all databases, or just the ones you choose.

Accept payments online by credit card and bank to bank with automatic reconciliation to your online database.

Easily create unlimited web input forms with whatever questions you want. Accept payments if you wish.

Your whole database at your fingertips
- Clean grid view of all your people (nationally, per Association/Centre, per Club, per School)

- Easily filter any grid view to display a subset of people, such as by year/season, role, ethnicity, grade, or other characteristics

- Customisable fields, allowing you to see the information you want at a glance

- Apply unlimited tags to create groups and subgroups of people or organisations

- Communicate with any subset or group with just one click to send a bulk email or eNewsletter​​​​​​​

- Fully cloud based and secure - your data is not shared outside your organisation without your explicit consent

- Easily create and save your own reports with single-click output to Excel, email, eNewsletter or print

- Each person gets a unique ID number for life

- Clever person-matching algorithm minimises duplication and also lets you merge known duplicates

- Integrated with digital IDs

- Integrated with Xero to allow you to generate invoices and easily reconcile payments

- Smart timeline view shows any contact your organisation has had with a person over the years.

All your insights in real time

See graphs of your metrics for high level reporting. Customise your view to meet your own needs.

Whenever a new person registers or a new team is entered, your metrics can update immediately for you.

Designed for mobile first 

Many member management systems look ok on desktop computers, but become limited on mobile phones. SuperCRM Member Manager was built as a 'mobile first' solution, so all functionality works fully on your phone as well as your computer. 

It's easy to look up a contact, see their history, or add a note while you're on the go. This includes the ability to easily sort, filter and email your contacts.

Powerful Web Form Builder

Easily create online forms with whatever question fields you want, including the ability for people to add their photo and even attach documents if you wish. 

Set the answers people can choose from for multi-choice questions. Decide which questions are mandatory. Drag & drop your questions into whatever order you like.

Display your form live on your website and Facebook. Also send people a direct link to your online form through email, txt message, mobile app, or social media.

Whenever someone completes your online form, their record is automatically added to SuperCRM Member Manager for you.

Integrated with SuperForms​​

Is your national or regional sports organisation seeking a database solution that encompasses all affiliated clubs and schools? Check out SuperForms